The Legend and History Of Mount Bromo

RaraAnteng and Joko Seger Legend at Bromo. The popular version of the legend of bracket Bromo resembles this: a long time ago, somewhere in Pananjakan Mountain, there was a female who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The girl, believed to be a descendant of a god, didn’t cry when she is born. Due to this, she was named RaraAnteng. She climbed up to the most beautiful girl that attracted so many young guys in East Java. RaraAnteng wasn’t interested to each of the guys that fell in love with her, because she already set her heart for somebody else: a handsome priest’s son named Joko Seger.

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Nevertheless, there was a priest that fell in love with her intended to force her into marriage. He boasted to RaraAnteng about his magic ability and what wonderful things he can do, and as RaraAnteng was a soft spoken girl, she couldn’t deny him. Consequently, she asked the pirate to demonstrate his words by building her a sea in the center of mountain with coconut cubes in one night. RaraAnteng was stressed when she saw the progress the pirates made.

Consequently, she concocted a plan to foil the plan. She pounded rice with traditional mortar and pestle hard, creating sounds that awakened the roosters. Hearing the roosters crowing, the pirate believed that he was late. Upset and dissatisfied, he threw his coconut shell off, which fell next to Mount Bromo and turned into a brand new mountain named Mount Batok. RaraAnteng and Joko Seger were eventually able to be together. How Tengger Folks Were Born. The popular story and The Legend Of Mount Bromo didn’t stop in the wedding of RaraAnteng and Joko Seger, they afterwards became the earliest rulers of Tengger individuals.

They constructed a settlement and became a couple of rulers named PurbowasesaMangkuratIngtengger, literally means The Benevolent Tengger Rulers. , The name Tengger, was supposedly taken in portions of their names, Anteng and Seger. But they grieved before they didn’t get kids after years of marriage. They afterwards climbed to the top of Bromo to pray, and were assured kids, with the condition that their youngest kid. Was to be sacrificed to the gods. RaraAnteng and Joko Tengger afterwards had 25 kids, but since they didn’t wish to sacrifice any of their kids, they strove to prevent fulfilling the promise. This made the gods angry, and Mount Bromo burned the smoke and the fire as a result. The fire later asserted the youngest son of RaraAnteng and Joko Tengger, yanking him into the crater. The child’s soul afterwards asked his parents to give offerings at the exact same time each year to Mount Bromo to appease the gods, and this legend of Mount Bromo became the foundation of Kasada Ceremony Tengger people did every year.