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Protecting your Rights from Cruel Bill Collectors

Bill collectors can also be termed as debt collectors. These sort of people are usually employed by companies to collect debts of delinquent customers. It is very difficult to escape debts. A creditor may fail to honor their commitments towards paying a particular debt for various reasons. Bill collectors present themselves at this particular moment to execute their tasks. Creditors may suffer the expense of a late fee when caught up in such cases. However, there are debt collectors who do their job ruthlessly. As a creditor, you cannot sit back and receive harassment. You need a lawyer to protect your rights and defend you in a court of law.

Before you find an attorney, you need justification. You may take a record of some of the actions done to you by bill colletors to be used against them in a court of law. These acts are as follows. A formal communication should be made to you by the debt collect collector early enough. This is usually done in one to two weeks. It is possible to have forgotten about the debt due to personal reasons. You will be able to realize your delay once you receive a notice summarizing the nature of your debt, amount due and deadline for the payment. This gives you a chance to pay in good time while at the same time redeem yourself.

Two, debt collectors should not involve third parties in your debt collection cases. The only person that is meant to know is an attorney. Why is this crucial? More especially when it comes to do with matters of money and loans, confidentiality plays a major role. No other person is supposed to know the amount of money you owe a credit company unless it is your spouse. The end result may be embarrassing.

At no point should debt collectors harass you. There comes a time when debt collectors become a nag. They tend to call repeatedly even in late hours. There are those that go to the extent of threatening you. A few others check your day now and then. Others keep track of you by following you. When you get yourself in such cases, tell them to stop. Look for a lawyer if they fail.

Do not be asked to pay more than you owe a credit company and keep quiet. There are cases when more is demanded from you. This is not supposed to be the case. Whenever you are found in such a situation, get a lawyer. Explain to him/her the history of your loan providing necessary documents to approve your sentiments. In fact, it is your peace of mind and life that matters.

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